Working With Me

Working With Me

Think of your life as concentric circles.

At the very center is you, your mind, you body, and your spirit.  All the things that make you up.

Next up is love — the relationships in your life.

Then your vocation.

Outside of vocation is your community, your place.

Then outside all of that is legacy, the significance you have in the world.

When I weighed 330 pounds I spent all my time in vocation land.  I was the youngest director at my company and in charge of the crown jewels that made billions of dollars.

As an overweight man, I had to work twice as hard as everyone else to just be seen and heard.  The bias, prejudice and general dislike many people had for me was evident in the passed over promotions, forgotten meetings, and not having a seat at the table.

Me, at 330 poundsThe easiest thing to do after too many hours at work was to order in food, sit in front of the TV and get a little time to myself to go and do it all again the next day.

My clients are a lot like me.  They spend all their time in their jobs, in their relationships, and in their community and nothing is left over for themselves.  Taking care of yourself might even seem indulgent. After all, we’re have to work, we have to raise our kids, we have to belong.

All my time at my job meant nothing was available for community and legacy. I felt insignificant and invisible.

Is there a better way to work, have relationships and community that serves your life and is limitless?

No one in your life wants you to be sick, have a short life, or live in shame and pain.  And the only person that can take care of you is you!

We work together to bring you back to center.  To work on your mind, body, and spirit to change your life, give you the space to bring your full self to other, your vocation, and your community so that you leave a lasting legacy for yourself and others.

I only take a small handful of clients so that you have individual, one-on-one attention to help you through the process of radical self-care. We will meet once a week and be in constant contact over text.  

Me at 180 poundsThe program is tailored to you.  People who have been overweight for a long time tend to be experts in diet and exercise because we tried every scheme, pill, powder, fad, method, and more.  Knowledge is rarely the issue. Fixing what’s between the ears is the issue. We work intensely to lift the control that food has over your life so that you’re in control rather than food controlling you.

Along the way we’re going to bring in science, medicine, professionals, experts, and what you need to ensure lifelong change to your health and happiness.

It’s an investment, it’s a journey, and it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.  I’ll be there every step of the way

Ask yourself, “what happens if I don’t do this?”

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