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Memoir of Growing Up Fat Forces France to Look in the Mirror

A powerful NYT piece featuring Gabrielle Deydier. She has been criticized for normalizing obesity, and that couldn’t be further than the truth. She is normalizing the conversation. Whether obesity, mental health, sexual assault or more, we must normalize the conversation.

Do you work?

Read this study: Does Executive Status Overcome Obesity Stigma?

Short Answer:  No.

Obesity could be a barrier not only to the accurate evaluation of performance but also to the effective identification of high- potential employees.

Meditation?!  Really?  Yes..

Check out Dan Harris’s video, Journalist for ABC news giving a funny and excellent talk on the importance of mindfulness 

Lose Weight, Don’t Get Cancer

Good news and bad news.  Cancer rates are going down – we’re winning the battle. However obesity-related cancers are going up and will soon be greater than death by smoking.

Time article link

CDC study link

Food Swamps Are the New Food Deserts

It’s not just a lack of grocery stores that’s making us fat. It’s an overabundance of fast food.

The Atlantic article link