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Life Lafter Divorce Ep 42: AFGO Part 1 of 2 (click to listen on Stitcher or listen below)

Going through a divorce is one thing, going through two divorces is a bigger thing, but what about finding the love of your life only to have it taken away?

Life Lafter Divorce Ep 43: AFGO Part 2 of 2 (click to listen on Stitcher or listen below)

Dave has been married, divorced, widowed, married, and divorced. How has he transformed his life?

  Ever Better Podcast 029: Dave Conley, How to Start (and Restart) Your Life (click title to listen on Ever Better or listen below)

Listen to the podcast to hear Dave discussing how he’s learned to blend work and personal time so that he can suck the marrow out of life!

  The Entrepreneur Way 250: Stop Focusing on the Wrong Thing and Start Focusing on the Thing That Lights You up and Drives You (click title to listen on The Entrepreneur Way or listen below)

“A lot of the time it’s quit, get out. Think about doing the exact opposite of what you’re currently doing and try on that suit a little bit and see how it works for you. I find that a lot of people get into a rut and they do the same thing over and over again”


Dave's blog:

Dave’s blog:

Radical self-care saved my life.

In 2011, my life blew up.
I was working in a job I hated as a tech executive for the government. I was 330 pounds. I had multiple serious medical issues that my doctor told me, point-blank, would lead to an early death. I was miserable…read more here

Tired of being judged by your size, feeling ashamed, and being invisible?

I am a health and wellness coach who frees lifelong fat people from obesity.
This is not an easy journey. I know, because I’ve been there. A few years ago, I lost 150 pounds, ditched the cigarettes, quit the job I hated and embraced radical self-care…read more here

Who do you want to be?

You have been overweight most of your life. You have tried nearly every diet out there. You have lost weight — and then regained it back…read more here