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Success isn’t about what you do, it’s about who you are. Come to this presentation to get hours of your life back to spend it on being your best for your vocation, relationships, and self.

Come to be inspired, learn of the neuroscience of attention and focus, and leave with three things to do right now to up-level your life.

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Edgerton Life Podcast

Edgerton Life Podcast: Ep 3 – “Dave Conley”  (click to listen on iTunes)

Andrew Edgerton passed away in 2017 after living with stage IV pancreatic cancer for more than 2 years. The first episode was taped in a friend’s living room before he died. At that time, Andrew’s mission was to use the podcast format to entertain and inform about pancreatic cancer. His friends and family will carry on his mission with this monthly podcast.

Reboots Podcast with Tracy Winchell

Reboots Podcast: RR06 – “Grief Recovery with Dave Conley”  (click to listen on the Reboots Website)

Reboots Rough Cut Episode 6 features David Conley, a former governmental tech executive who lost his wife suddenly. That’s when Dave’s life stopped and he sank into a deep depression.

When Dave decided to just drink one sip of water, life – and business – started to change. Dave lost 150 pounds, quit his job, and launched his own business.

The Pure Joy Podast with Elaina Love

The Pure Joy Podcast: Ep. 13 – “How to Go from Rock Bottom to Living Your Dream with Dave Conley”  (click to listen on the Pure Joy Planet Website or listen on iTunes)

In this life-changing episode, I speak with Dave Conley about how he created the life he was born to live. We discuss how to change your life and make a real difference in the world. “What brings me joy is bringing unexpected happiness to others.”

Positive Productivity Podcast with Kim Sutton

Positive Productivity Podcast Podcast: Choosing Life with David Conley, Episode 524″  (click to listen on the Positive Productivity Website or listen on iTunes or on Android.)

Kim is so excited to interview David Conley. Founder of, this man turned his life around by just asking himself the right questions.

Build a Better Business Podcast w Jamie Irvine

Build a Better Business Podcast: Ep. 68 – David Conley “Your Attention Is for Sale”  (click to listen on the Build a Better Business Website or listen on iTunes)

The most important thing you need to know is your attention is the one thing that everyone fights for and your smartphone is perfectly engineered to grab and hold your attention.

“Who you are today is not who you will be in the future.” – Dave on advice he’d give his younger self.

Donnie's Success Champions Podcast

Donnie’s Success Champions Podcast: Ep. 107 – David Conley Former Major Tech Executive Rediscovered Himself Surviving Depression After His Wife’s Death”  (click to listen on the Donnie’s Success Champions Website or listen on iTunes)


Practice of Being Seen Podcast

The Practice of Being Seen Podcast: episode 71: “Tending To Our Selves with Dave Conley”  (click to listen on the PoBS’s Website or listen below)

“When you don’t have to push and work so hard to be seen, the effort that was previously going towards that is freed up to go to so many other things.” –Rebecca Wong, host of PoBScast

Stress Mastery Podcast

The Stress Mastery Podcast: Living Right with Bill Cortright: #293 Radical Self-Care a Program of Transformation, interview with Dave Conley (click to listen on the Bill Cortright’s Website or listen on iTunes)

Dave shares his story and his program of Radical Self-Care a program of complete transformation.

“That must have been the best interview/guest speaker you had on the show. I’m going to listen to it again. It’s very inspirational and Dave really has an amazing story. Just like yours in a way…”

Inspiring Leaders Podcast

Inspiring Leaders Podcast: e037 Being Limitless with David Conley (click to listen on the Ubiquity Leadership Website or listen on Stitcher or iTunes)

Hear David Conley describe the journey that led him to radically change his own life, and how he helps others choose Radical Self Care in their own lives.

MaturePreneurial Podcast

MaturePreneurial 071: Dave Conley | (click to listen on the MaturePreneurial website or listen on iTunes here)

Dave discusses what he did before becoming a MaturePreneurial, his business successes, and his favorite advice for people just starting out.

Life Lafter Divorce Podcast Part 1

Life Lafter Divorce Ep 42: AFGO Part 1 of 2 (click to listen on Stitcher or listen below)

Going through a divorce is one thing, going through two divorces is a bigger thing, but what about finding the love of your life only to have it taken away?

Life Lafter Divorce Podcast Part 2

Life Lafter Divorce Ep 43: AFGO Part 2 of 2 (click to listen on Stitcher or listen below)

Dave has been married, divorced, widowed, married, and divorced. How has he transformed his life?

Ever Better Podcast

Ever Better Podcast 029: Dave Conley, How to Start (and Restart) Your Life (click title to listen on Ever Better or listen below)

Listen to the podcast to hear Dave discussing how he’s learned to blend work and personal time so that he can suck the marrow out of life!

The Entrepreneur Way Podcast

The Entrepreneur Way 250: Stop Focusing on the Wrong Thing and Start Focusing on the Thing That Lights You up and Drives You (click title to listen on The Entrepreneur Way or listen below)

“A lot of the time it’s quit, get out. Think about doing the exact opposite of what you’re currently doing and try on that suit a little bit and see how it works for you. I find that a lot of people get into a rut and they do the same thing over and over again”

Reader's Digest Article Featuring Dave

Reader’s Digest: These Weight Loss Before and After Photos Are Just the Motivation We Need (click the link to read the article)

“I spent years telling myself I’d lose weight tomorrow, I’d start a new diet next week, or that I’d have more time the next month.”