Create Your Purpose Driven, Next Level, Aligned Life

You are a Business Leader, Meaning Maker, and High Achiever with a big heart and big responsibilities. You want self excellence in yourself, relationships and career.

The Best Journey You’ll Ever Go on is This Self-Discovery Journey

  • Go from midlife crisis to kick-ass midlife
  • Get more time, vitality, and energy to do what you love
  • Reach next levels for yourself, relationships, and career - your entire life.
What's The Problem?

There is no shortage of what to do. Search for tips and tricks to get what you want is testament to that. The problem is how. Change doesn't stick. When you are clear on what you want, align to your purpose, and make permanent changes, you're unstoppable.

What Makes Me Different

I've done the work.
I led the teams that built the internet, now I help build a better you.

  • A decade of research and experimentation with ancient, current, and edge-of-the-art from multiple disciplines
  • Re-imaging and rebooting my life after my wife unexpectedly passed.
  • Grieving, remarrying, divorcing, and dating
  • Radically changing my career from senior tech executive, startup CEO, then coach, and now speaker and author.
  • Losing 150lbs and getting into the best shape of my life.
Dave Conley from speaking with a client.
Our Work

Together we co-create a custom learning lab of self-discovery, clarity, and reidentification. We work with multiple disciplines, using specialists for unique needs. Unlike therapy, we're not trying to fix you - you're not broken. We capitalize on what you already have and remove obstacles for next-level-living. Be your you-est you.

Select Testimonials

  • “Dave has a special way of unearthing the most important issues… his combination of solid business thinking, resourcefulness, calm, humor and compassion make him a fantastic coach… his attitude and actions consistently show that he wants to see me succeed.” -Mitsi

  • I was promoted to CIO few weeks ago, thanks to you. -CH

  • “His insights and inquiry helped me uncover a much more direct path to success. Insanely highly recommended.” -KC

  • “We are so thankful for your presence in Tim’s life (& therefore mine). His transformation has been nothing short of amazing.” -Laury

Dave accepts a limited number of clients for individual private coaching.

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