Midlife Magic By Dave Conley

Wine and cheese aren’t the only things that get better with age. We do, too! The clincher is, we have to choose it.

Midlife represents our peak earning years and the time to realign our work and life with commitment and purpose. It’s a time as certain and predictable as puberty.

Body, life and sex all change. The current narrative around midlife crisis and jokes don’t help: the sudden divorce, tubes tied, an affair, a vasectomy,  a young lover, or hard to soft. It’s true: midlife can be fearful and depressing, it’s the time when most people report the least life satisfaction.

Midlife is the perfect time to align ourselves for kicking ass instead of getting our asses kicked. What if everyone could make the rest of their life amazing?

It’s time to elevate the conversation of midlife from joke to joy. Rather than experiencing midlife as something that happens to you, I want people to experience it happening for them. To show up and experience midlife with confidence, courage, resilience, validation, and fun.  

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