About Me

Radical self-care saved my life

In 2011, my life blew up.

I was 330 pounds. I was working in a job I hated as a tech executive for the government. I had multiple medical issues that my doctor told me, point-blank, would lead to an early death. I was miserable.

One day I came home to find my beautiful wife sick on the couch, struggling to breathe. Three days later, I was a widower.

My world stopped. The light in my life had gone out. I was still alive, but not living. And I had to make a decision about the way I’d live the rest of my life.

It took over two years for me to crawl out of that deep depression, but I did. Along the way, I lost 150 pounds, ditched cigarettes, quit the job and started my own business.

I chose life, love, and radical self-care. I put myself first.

This is what I learned when my life hit rock bottom: The answers are already inside us. We can change. We can choose a different way of living, and we can rediscover love for ourselves (I know, that’s a tough one). We just need to turn those choices into action.

I also learned that nobody succeeds at transformation alone. I know what it takes, because a few years back, I was you. I had help, and now you do, too.

And now I help people like us balance health and happiness with significant achievement.


If you’d like to make this happen, let’s talk.

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