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Meet Johnathon, 42, Executive

Johnathon wanted to fit into an airplane seat. At his weight he hadn’t been able to sit in a plane without spilling over into the next seat since he was a teen. 

He had a huge career and felt guilty about spending so little time with his family with no time on himself.

He’d struggled to lose weight with every scheme, scam, and program. 

Johnathon wanted to uplevel his career, spend quality time with family, and live a long life for his family. He wanted to fly without misery.

Today, Johnathon happily fits into every airplane seat.

100% of my clients get what they want and more. Johnathon achieved international recognition for his achievements, his relationships are stronger, and he’s lost 162lbs (73 kg) and 70 inches (178 cm) of body. 

I’ve done it, you can too. I will help you become the best you. whole you, the you-est you. 

I work with leaders, meaning makers, thought leaders, artists, scientists, authors — people with big hearts and responsibilities. I am unique because I took the same knowledge that I gained to building the internet, moving government, and launching startups and combined it with years' of experience in self-mastery and leadership to help my clients live healthier, and happier lives.  This is health and wellness architecture and engineering. If you can dream of an exceptional life, we will architect it. If you want an exceptional life, we will build it.


"His insights and inquiry helped me uncover a much more direct path to success. Insanely highly recommended."

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