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Turning Ideas Into Businesses Personalized Professional Business Coaching from Idea to Launch


Startup Test

Bring me your idea, and we’ll talk through it. In two hours, you’ll walk away with the business model and ideal customer profile mapped out. A week later, we’ll reconvene to ask and answer questions.

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Startup Launch

During this structured 6-12 week program, we’ll build a purpose driven company. You’ll move from idea, to prototype, to your first customer while committing 5-10 hours per week to a combination of homework and in-person coaching. Exclusive to three clients at any one time.

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What You Get

Business coaching from a serial entrepreneur: We’ll work through the fear and uncertainty to build confidence that your risk-averse nature is perfect for a successful entrepreneurial life.
Major savings: You’ll save the tens of thousands of dollars and years of your life that it typically takes to validate an idea and start a company. You’ll also save another critical resource: your sanity.
A smart investment: Yes, you’ll spend money, but you’ll also spend your time productively and effectively.
Connections: I’ll tap into my rolodex and introduce you to the people who can help your business turn into a successful, long-term enterprise.
Accountability: You’ll answer tough questions and work hard as I guide you down the path of entrepreneurship.

Let’s do this!

Shoot me an email to learn more, and pretty soon, you’ll be happy to jump out of bed in the morning.